eLISA – enhanced Local information, search and aggregation. The attractiveness of a city is a very subjective assessment that bases on different criteria depending on the age and life circumstances. Often it is difficult to bring own ideas in accordance with local conditions. Also, there are many different factors that can play a role in assessing a place.

eLISA allows the user to select individual important indicators, prioritize and store them in a user profile. Then an individual location-based attractiveness factor is calculated and clearly displayed on a map. The user can see at a glance the streets, neighborhoods or regions that are interesting to him because they are marked accordingly. This allows arbitrary regions to be analyzed quickly and easily using various individual criteria.

The latest Demo is our submission to the OpenCities App Challenge 2012. The app solves a real-life citizen’s problem by using open data from different sources: Statistical govenment data, Open Street Map data and points of interest are selected and weighted in a very intuitive way according to the user’s preferences. The data is aggregated and visualized by a comprehensive heatmap.

→ visit our contribution to the OpenCities App Challange 2012
→ more information on the idea and the earlier demo